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NHL Consensus Picks
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May 30 2020 Krasnye Kryliya atStalker Moscow
May 30 2020 Ledoviy Desant atErshistie Tigry
May 30 2020 Ershistie Tigry atKrasnye Kryliya
May 30 2020 Stalker Moscow atLedoviy Desant
May 30 2020 Ledoviy Desant atKrasnye Kryliya
May 30 2020 Stalker Moscow atErshistie Tigry
May 30 2020 Gladiator atGoryachiye Golovy
May 30 2020 Beshenye Psy atVoiny Suomi

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How does it work? You will receive 1 "Consensus Pick" for each game each day. The "Consensus Pick" for each game is calculated using a weighting system where each capper selects a team and then assigns a numerical value (0 to 10) based on their view of the strength of the pick. The pick with the most total points is deemed the "Consensus Pick".

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NHL Consensus Picks Results
  Handicapper Name  WLPWin PercentCostReturn  ROI  
NHL Consensus 377119076.0081496006906519465

Mar 12 2020 NHLBuffalo at Montreal Montreal -150 Postponed
Mar 12 2020 NHLCarolina at New Jersey Carolina -170 Postponed
Mar 12 2020 NHLDetroit at Washington Washington -360 Postponed
Mar 12 2020 NHLFlorida at Dallas Dallas -140 Postponed
Mar 12 2020 NHLNashville at Toronto Toronto -140 Postponed
Mar 12 2020 NHLNY Islanders at Calgary Calgary -135 Postponed
Mar 12 2020 NHLPhiladelphia at Tampa Bay Tampa Bay -140 Postponed
Mar 12 2020 NHLPittsburgh at Columbus Pittsburgh -145 Postponed
Mar 12 2020 NHLVancouver at Arizona Arizona -140 Postponed
Mar 12 2020 NHLVegas at Minnesota Minnesota +105 Postponed
Mar 11 2020 NHLNY Rangers at Colorado Colorado -145 WINNER
Mar 11 2020 NHLOttawa at Los Angeles Los Angeles -157 WINNER
Mar 11 2020 NHLSan Jose at Chicago Chicago -165 WINNER
Mar 11 2020 NHLSt Louis at Anaheim St Louis -220 WINNER
Mar 11 2020 NHLWinnipeg at Edmonton Edmonton -145 loss